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214 m asl - about 2.000 inhabitants.
This area was already inhabited in the 2nd millenium b.C. (bronze age.) During the 10th-11th centuries, Madina, the original name of the site, belonged to a Pavia monastery and to the Benedictine monastery in Arona. Just before 1200 it became a possession, with the whole Vergante region, of the archibishops of Milan, and it was then a feud of the Visconti (14th-15th centuries) and of the Borromeo (15th-18th centuries). In the 19th century, it started to be the holiday and tourist resort of the upper classes of Lombardia and Novara.
Visit the Ghevio and Silvera villages on the Vergante hill: Ghevio has Pre-romanic origins and is overlooked by a church with a Romanic tower (10th century); Silvera is a small group of pictoresque stone houses, gathered around the church of S. Rocco (19th century). Water sports, sunbathing, tennis courts, swimming pool, tartan athletics ground, football pitch. Lake Maggiore Boat Service.

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