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Lake Maggiore map

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Lake Maggiore

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Lake Maggiore, also called Verbano and the second largest lake of Italy, is at the foot of the Alps, where was formed in the glacial era, as shown by the rounded contours of its bottom and by morainic hills which surround it and enclose it to the south. Its perimeter is 100 miles long and its deepest point is 372 meters. The position of the lake surrounded by Hills and mountains which protect it from the rigours of the north, creates an environment in which the warmth of the temperate climate is combined with the fresh air from the mountains.

How to reach the lake

If you come to Italy by air and you land to the Malpensa airport, that's about 40 km southeast of the lake. You can take the bus for Gallarate and then the train for Arona/Stresa/Verbania.

Arona, Stresa and Verbania have the most important train stations, on the line called "Sempione" that links the north of Italy with Switzerland, so you have many way to join the lake.

The A8/A26 highways from the south links Milano and Varese to the lake, the right exit is Castelletto Ticino. However the suggestion is to use the public resources (train, bus and boat) to visit the lake due to the traffic and the parking desease.

The most important towns or places to visit

The Lake Maggiore sides are very different.
In the south of the Piemonte side (Casteletto Ticino, Dormelletto, Arona) there are many commercial centers and touristic attractives (restaurants, campings, hotels) also due to the proximity of the Malpensa airport.
The center and the north part of the Piemonte side are characterized by the presence of beatiful hills (called Alto Vergante) from which you can admire a magnificent panorama.

Lake Maggiore places

For the different density of inhabitants and commercial attractives the Piemonte side of the lake is known also with the nickname fat side to the opposite of the Lombardia side called slim side. Here you can find the quite of towns like Angera, Ispra and Laveno, very nice but with less traffic and people.
The Switzwerland side is known for famous towns like Locarno (the center of the Ticino area) and Ascona.

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