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Visiting Venezia/Venice

The simple and practical guide for visiting Venice

The most romantic city in the world! It's impossible not to visit it almost once in the life!

To discover Venice


The best period to visit Venice is certainly from April to October, but in August when the climate is rather hot and wet.
In Autumn Venice is not so crowded and you can appreciate the real life of the inhabitants, having alike the possibility of visiting everything and considering that the most part of hotels are open. In Winter the climate is cold and often there is the "acqua alta", when the waterline grows and it's more difficult to walk in the centre's roads.
The most important and famous Venetian tradition is the Carnevale, when almost everybody disguises himself. In this period is almost impossible to find free rooms in the hotels unless that having booked much time before.
Venice is an unique city, and it's so beautiful also because there is no possibility to meet any car!


The better way to know it is going on foot, with a good map, and find out the thousand fantastic places that make Venice so special! We suggest you to buy a g uide with a map, because it's not so simple to understand the particular street numbering. In this way you have the opportunity to avoid the typical tourist areas and find out the authentic Venetian living way. Venice helps you with its yellow signs, often situated on the corner of the buildings, that indicate the major spots.
Naturally, you'll often take the public boats: remember to buy the ticket before the trip, you'll find them to the newspaper's shop, tobacconists, because they're not sold on the boats.
The most important lines of the public boat net are: 1 (vaporetti), that passes through S. Marco, Lido and Tronchetto; 2 (fast boat) from lido to rail station and back; the 34 (only in Summer) that drives as the 1 line; the 5, that circumnavigates the city and gets at Murano island.
Moving by public boats is a very good way to have a tour of whole Venice, and taste this magic atmosphere. Tickets are not cheap, so we suggest you to buy a "three days pass", a special ticket with whom you can take the public boats every time you want, within three days.

If you want, you can also take a water taxi. The most romantic way to discover Venice is surely to have a tour by the gondola. Ask to the gondoliers for the tour you want; there is also the possibility to have a singer on your gondola, and have an unique sightseeing of Venice!

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