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S. Polo/Croce
The islands


Canal Grande

The canal Grande is the most important and wide water channel of the city, and the main traffic way.
It is enclosed by very beautiful and antique buildings, made by white stones, wood, marbles and metals, all coming far from Venice. They have been put up with a multi stratum system: the lowest is made by timbers steeped in the sea, the following by wood tables, the upper is a basement of Istria stone on whom there are the masonries.

Coming from S. Marco to Place Roma and S. Lucia rail station, you will meet:

  • At your left, S. Maria della Salute church, built in 17th century, in baroque style. On 21st of November there is the holy day of Santa Maria, one of the most important of Venice
  • At your right, Palazzo Corner, made in 16th century, now the prefecture
  • At your right, Palazzo Grassi, made in 19th century by G. Massari, now seat of the homonym foundation
  • At your left, in from of Palazzo Grassi, there is CÓ Rezzonico, built between 1649 and 1750, now Settecento Veneziano Museum building
  • At your left, CÓ Foscari, built in 16th century, in typical gothic style, is now an University building
  • At your right, CÓ d'Oro, built in gothic style from 1422 to 1440, is now the Galleria Franchetti seat
  • Almost in front of CÓ d'Oro, there is CÓ Pesaro, built from 1628 to 1720, in baroque style, is now the site of Modern Art and Oriental Art Museum
  • At your right, there is Palazzo Vendramin Calergi, that is now the winter site of the Casin˛
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