Digital Radio for Android    Digital Radio for Android - The Powerful Tool for USB Transmitter and Android phones and tablets
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  • Connection using a Bluetooth device linked to the radio
  • Settings modification on the field using your Android mobile phone
  • No need of a notebook/netbook
  • Settings database compatible with Digital Radio for Microsoft Windows/Linux

The software is compatible with Android devices version 2.1 and above with Bluetooth support, however before proceding with the purchase you can test your phone/tablet by downloading and installing the Demo version.

Phones tested
  • Huawei Ideos 8150
  • Hero H3000+
  • Samsung Galaxy S2
Tablets tested
  • Mediacom SmartPad 875s2
  • Asus MeMO Pad HD 7

Video from Internet
fs-ct6b 6th channel rc transmitter working with Android phone via bluetooth
HK-T6a via Bluethooth no SmartPhone Android

System Requirements

Digital Radio for Android runs on:
Android 2.1 versions and above with Bluetooth support

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