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Download Digital Radio for Android

This is the demo version of the software, useful to test your Bluetooth interface.
It can connect to the radio, shows the channel bar moving and gets the current settings.
If you put the settings saved with Digital Radio for Windows/Linux on the SD Card of your mobile phone you can see also the channels description.

To get the latest version with no limit please register.


  1. Build the Bluetooth interface and configure it
  2. Unzip the compressed file in a temporary folder of your system
  3. Connect your Android phone and enable the USB storage mode
  4. Place the DigitalRadio.apk file of the SD Card of your mobile phone
  5. On your mobile phone open the SD Card with a File Manager and click on the DigitalRadio.apk file
  6. The system will ask you for the confirm about the permission requested (Bluetooth, System)
  7. You have to pair your mobile phone with the Bluetooth Interface of the radio
  8. Execute Digital Radio
  9. From the menu click on Start, then select the Bluetooth Interface
  10. After the first execution close the software, now you can put your settings.xml file, created by DigitalRadio for Windows/Linux, in the DigitalRadio folder created on the SD card
  11. When you are running Digital Radio for Android, if you choose Get from the menu, you should see your channel description

The DigitalRadio.apk file on the SD Card in the Mobile Phone, the DigitalRadio folder will be created after the first execution

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