Digital Radio for Android    Digital Radio for Android - The Powerful Tool for USB Transmitter and Android phones and tablets
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HobbyKing, FlySky, Turborix and Exceed radio
What's Digital Radio for Android ?

Digital Radio for Android is a powerful tool for the management of the USB Trasmitter 6 Channels for Android Mobile Phones and Tablets. Features:

The first software for Android, you can set your radio using your mobile phone or tablet with Bluetooth support, no need of a computer to setup the radio on the field
Compatible with all the HobbyKing, FlySky, Turborix, Exceed, Storm, CopterX and Jamara USB 6 channels radio
Settings database compatible with the Digital Radio software for PC, to exchange data in a easy way

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Current Status
Digital Radio for Android 1.0.2 is the latest version, released on 15 September 2013
September 2013
Working to a new version of Digital Radio for Windows/Linux
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