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Users Opinion

These are the comments of some users useful to understand the Database Gate customer satisfaction

Richard Noble (06 July 2000)
I like your product very much. It has saved me time and money in my database development. Thanks for a solid product

Choong-Ho Chung
From (17 November 2002)
This tool is for those who need concurrent connections to multiple databases
This tool is for when you need to work with several databases or data sources through ODBC concurrently. Unlike other database clients, you can concurrently keep multiple connections and easily switch between them. I've been using it for long. It is robust and simply works fine.

Mr. Ketil Danielsen (06 January 2002)
Founding Manager,
Thanks for a good product and practical distribution

Jaime J. Martens (14 January 2003)
Looks very good, thank you for the fast support.

Steve Rog (09 June 2003)
I think it is very good!
I do relatively inexpensive piecemeal work by myself by contract/hr. and I cannot afford expensive software like Rapidsql from and similar software companies whose systems cost in excess of $1100 USD. So I think dbgate can really help me.

Brian Mills (19 October 2004)
Systems Manager, Fletchers Solicitors
I have found this program to be extremely useful and I am happy that we have contributed to it again.

Chris Cunningham (05 October 2007)
Organizational Systems Group, Inc.
I use DBGate on a daily basis for accessing both SQL databases and Progress databases (ODBC). I'm an application developer and have not found a better tool for gathering quick information when I'm testing or troubleshooting.

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