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Command execution
With Database Gate you can write queries, create, alter or drop tables, execute stored procedures, also using transactions (commit/rollback operation).
Limits depend only on the driver ODBC used.

Useful editing functions
Database Gate helps you in editing, there are useful shortcuts to minimize the writing of standard SQL statements. There are also smart shortcuts, you have only to select the name of a table and it writes for you the columns list for the select or insert statement.
You have also custom shortcuts by using the macro keys.
A query history helps you in recalling your previous statements. You can have the tables list in the edit box to easily choose the name you need without to write it.
Bookmark signs make easy the browsing in your SQL code.

Syntax Highlighting
The Syntax Highlighting helps you in writing your SQL statements. The Word and Context Completation funtions make faster your tipying.

Schema Browser
You can get information about all the tables available in the database (system or user ones), or get the columns list, primary key, foreign keys, indexes of a table. You can get information also about stored procedures and their parameters. There is an useful object browser to see this kind of information in a graphic way.

Import/Export functions
Database Gate allows you also to export data of a table from a database and import the same data into a different database, with an unique transaction or with a transaction for every record imported, always using only ODBC.
Export records can be done also in HTML or XML format to easily publish your database data into the web.

Multiple servers support
Database Gate allows you to connect to different kind of database at the same time (it's a MDI Application). You can also open multiple query windows for every connection.

Batch execution
With the batch language you can do in automatic way particular tasks (SQL commands, import o export operations).

Schema Diff
Schema diff compares two different data sources and finds table differences for columns type, size, nullability, primary and foreign keys.

Schema and Data Retrieving
Schema and data retrieving gets the tables and views structure, with primary and foreign keys that can be written in the create statements or with alter table statements.
It also retrieves the records, optionally with a record quantity limit.

Easy to install
Database Gate is a 32 bit .exe file for Windows, it needs only ODBC 32 bit support installed in the system, and the ODBC drivers you want to use. No other DLL/OCX are required, no setup, no registry keys written. You can run it also from a floppy.

Other functions
You can print SQL statements or only the selected text or the result set in the grid.
You can manage the Data Source Names in your system directly in Database Gate.
You can copy into the clipboard the selected query in the following format: Visual Basic, C++, C#.

System Requirements

Database Gate runs on:
Windows 95/98/ME
Windows 2000/2003/XP
Windows Vista

Windows 95 requires Internet Explorer 4.0

Technical Info

Database Gate is written with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 using only Win32 & ODBC 32 API and a new C++ framework, no MFC framework used, and requires Comctl32.dll version 4.71 or later.

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Stefano Grassi
Last update: 01 September 2007