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  • Datasheet for your LiPo/LiFe or NiMH batteries with a friendly User Interface
  • Tracking of the usage of your batteries
  • History of all the charging, discharging or storaging events
  • For all the events you can add times, environment information, charging current, internal resistance, etc
  • Statistics and charts for your batteries and models

For each battery you can save different attributes, to create a complete database of your packs; in the datasheet you have fields for:
  • The brand
  • The type (LiPo, LiFe or NiMH)
  • The capacity in mAh
  • The discharge current
  • The destination (engine, receiver, transmitter, light/gear, other)
  • The Nominal Voltage and the number of cells
  • The cycles (that is the number of discharge events)
  • The purchase date and the price
Optionally you can add also the models or devices used with your batteries, in this way you will be able to obtain also statistics for them.

After the setup of your batteries database you can start to save all the events about:
  • Charging
  • Discharging
  • Storaging
For each event you can:
  • Write the runtime, that is the duration of the discharging/charging
  • The outside temperature, this information is useful to link the duration of the discharge with the climatic conditions in the charts
  • The model, in this way you can obtain statistics also about your models
  • How many packs you have discharged (but also charged) in series in the same time, in this way the runtime data of the model are calculated in the right way
  • The charging current and the supplied current to the pack
  • The Internal Resistance
  • Comments, you can write a diary of your batteries/models (for example for maintenace purpose)
These data are the base for charts and calculation for the total and average runtime for batteries and models.

System Requirements

RC Battery Manager runs on:
Microsoft Windows 2000/2003/XP
Microsoft Windows Vista/Seven/2008,
Linux Ubuntu or a distribution with Mono, 32 ot 64 bit, also in a virtual machine.

Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Windows 2000/2003/XP require the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, Windows Vista and Seven have already the Framework installed.

Linux requires the Mono package installed, with also the Visual Basic 2005 runtime library.
The Linux version is the same executable file of the Windows platform, and can be execute using Mono. You don't need Wine.
All the tests have been done on Ubuntu Desktop 10.10, because this distribution has already Mono installed and a Mono repository dedicated, but all the distributions where you can install Mono are compatible (you have to find the repository of reference).

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Stefano Grassi
Last update: 24 June 2011