RC Battery Manager    RC Battery Manager - The Powerful Tool to manage your RC Batteries
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Download RC Battery Manager 1.0.1
Zipped version for Windows and Linux Standard Windows Setup

This is the demo version and has some limits for the normal use.
To get the latest version with no limit please
You may freely copy and distribute RC Battery Manager Demo Version 1.0.1
Only the unmodified zipped (the package) file may be distributed or copied.

You are prohibited from:
  • Charging a fee or requesting donations for the package
  • Distributing/including the package in commercial products different from shareware/freeware collections
  • Modifying or reverse engineering the package
You can distribute the package in shareware/freeware collections (on web site/CD ROM)
Copyright © 2011
Stefano Grassi
Last update: 22 June 2011