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New User Interface
The User Interface has been totally rewritten, all the controls are immediately visible, no need to push buttons to see the dialog box where specify the values.
All the values are checked, you can't write text in a numeric field of delete an item in a drop down control as it happen in the original t6config software.
The size of the main form of the application is compatible with the resolution of netbook screen.

Auto connection to the last serial port used
If in your system is available the last serial port used the software will connect in an automatic way.

Auto request of the current settings
After the auto connection the software will get the current settings from the radio, and if the current settings has been saved previously in the Settings database the software will show the optional information stored (settings name, channels description and notes).

Check of the settings
Every time a settings is sent to the radio, it is requested back and checked with the original data to ensure the integrity.

Settings saved in a xml file
The Settings database is saved in a xml file, no more multiple files in your pc with the different configurations.
Digital Radio can import your previous settings file saved with the original t6config software or export the settings in the same format.
You can also export all your settings in a csv format file, that you can open with Microsoft Excel or Open Office, or print the current settings to obtain a detailed datasheet.

No limit of the serial port number
The original t6config software doesn't work if the virtual serial port has a high number (for example COM18), Digital Radio has no limit.

Calibration procedure of the A/D encoders
You can calibrate the A/D encoders for the joysticks, the trimmers and knobs with the calibration procedure.

Virtual Joystick support
Digital Radio can be used as a virtual joystick using the vJoy driver, to play with your favorite flight simulator software without different cables. This feature works only for Microsoft Windows Platforms.

Portable Application
The software can be run as a Portable Application, for example directly from a USB stick.

Multilingual User Interface support
Digital Radio supports different languages (italian, spanish, french, german, russian, norvegian, and other ones will be added in the future) by downloading and unzipping the Thesaurus file.

Compatible with HobbyKing, FlySky, Turborix, Exceed and Storm USB radio
Digital Radio is the perfect replacement of the original t6config supplied with your USB Transmitter. It is compatible with the following models (V1 and V2 versions):
  • HobbyKing HK-T6A
  • FlySky FS-CT6A, FS-CT6B
  • Turborix TBXT6
  • Exceed RC
  • Storm ST-06TX
  • CopterX CX-CT6A, CX-CT6B
  • Jamara FCX 6

System Requirements

Digital Radio runs on:
Microsoft Windows 2000/2003/XP
Microsoft Windows Vista/Seven/2008,
Linux Ubuntu or a distribution with Mono, 32 ot 64 bit, also in a virtual machine.

Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Windows 2000/2003/XP require the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, Windows Vista and above have already the Framework installed.
All the systems require the USB driver cable installed in your system.

Linux requires the Mono package installed, with also the Visual Basic 2005 runtime library.
The Linux version is the same executable file of the Windows platform, and can be execute using Mono. You don't need Wine.
All the tests have been done on Ubuntu Desktop 10.10, because this distribution has already Mono installed and a Mono repository dedicated, but all the distributions where you can install Mono are compatible (you have to find the repository of reference).

Technical Info

Digital Radio is a portable application, no setup is required, no files are placed in your system folders, only the Settings database is written in the Application Data folder (Windows) or in a subfolder of the home directory (Linux) for the standard execution, or in the same folder of the .exe as a complete portable app.

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