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The GetIpNetTable function retrieves the IP-to-physical address mapping table.

Declare Function GetIpNetTable Lib "Iphlpapi" (pIpNetTable As Byte, pdwSize As Long, ByVal bOrder As Long) As Long

Operating Systems Supported
Windows NT 4.0 SP4 or later; Windows 98 or later


Parameter Information
- pIpNetTable
[out] Pointer to a buffer that receives the IP-to-physical address mapping table as a MIB_IPNETTABLE structure.

- pdwSize
[in, out] On input, specifies the size of the buffer pointed to by the pIpNetTable parameter.
On output, if the buffer is not large enough to hold the returned mapping table, the function sets this parameter equal to the required buffer size.

- bOrder
[in] Specifies whether the returned mapping table should be sorted in ascending order by IP address. If this parameter is TRUE, the table is sorted.

Return Values
If the function succeeds, the return value is NO_ERROR.

If the function fails, use FormatMessage to obtain the message string for the returned error.

Last update: 07 April 2006